[PD] possible additional exciter feature .

joge . gboy at nycap.rr.com
Fri Mar 8 19:15:12 CET 2002

i think this question if more for yves then any one else .  but i was
interested in a way of setting up the exciter object from a file somehow .
how difficult would it be to add this type of feature .  as it stands the
only way to configure exciter is to do it with the mouse .    what i was
thinking was , having a text file with the rows containing the event bang
number and the time to trigger as a pair .  each row could have as many of
these pairs as you like .  then the rows could be read in with the msgfile
object from the zexy library and used to automate the exciter object ,
almost like a sequencer but with all the algorithmic power of pd .

 i am sorry do not yet possess the skills yet necessary to do it myself   :

joge .

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