[PD] exciter 0.2 for windows .

Yves Degoyon ydegoyon at free.fr
Sat Mar 9 03:05:00 CET 2002


> this object is amazing, it's just what i've been wating for.  i have one
> question:  is there a way to get it to send a bang out at a regular time
> interval, so it could be used as a sequencer and a kind of metro to sync
> to other events?  or is there a way to sync it to a metro?

to me, exciter is already an improved metro object :
you can do a metro by creating an exciter with ONE point
and ONE event and, then play with the "time grain".

but, the "time grain" should be setable by
sending a message,
that's what's missing.

as for setting regular events on the grid, it's an interesting
option [ to be made ].



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