[PD] multi cpu

_-¯-_ jdl at xdv.org
Sat Mar 9 12:44:39 CET 2002


does anyone have experience with pd running on a dual system?

basically, if i just start 1 pd normally, will it be using both cpus

i just made some small test yesterday and i did not have the impression
that this was the case.

pd -> loadmeter said: ~100%
top says pd ~50%

from my experience with dual machines so far, top should actually go up
to 200% with 2 cpus on full load?

then there's the mosix setup, which requires some kernel patching and
brings in the 'runon' command, but all the info i could get seems really
outdated and applying only for up to 2.2 kernels, e.g. the SMP-HOWTO on
linuxdoc.org seems really not up to date ..

any hints ?

-- I x D u · O R g

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