[PD] pdrc

Michal Seta mis at creazone.com
Tue Mar 12 04:15:47 CET 2002

do this:
vim/vi/emacs ~/.pdrc    (pick whatever your text editor is)
then you can type into the file any command line switches you would use 
with pd. ie:

-r 44100 -font 10
-path /path/to/externs1:/path/to/externs2/:/path/to/abstractions1
-lib /path/to/gem
-lib /path/to/ext13

(BTW, .pdrc should not include any comments)

gem (or any lib/extern) can go to any place on your system as long as 
you specify the -path (to externs) and/or -lib (path to the lib)

usually the "make install" procedure will put things in the right places 
(but you will have to specify the lib path by hand) although I noticed 
that by default PD is installed /usr/local/lib/pd and some of the 
externs out there use /usr/local/pd as default.  Check configure scripts 
and/or Makefile for default installation locations.


Mark Khemma wrote:

>two naive but related questions:
>1) where would i find/make a .pdrc?
>1a) how would a write a .pdrc script (syntax)?
>2) where should i put gem packages
>-mark k.

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