[PD] [Gem] rendering order

Bill Sack wsack at acsu.buffalo.edu
Wed Mar 13 18:47:01 CET 2002

hello all,

how does one control rendering order in gem? i've read some references
to it in other posts and maybe somewhere in the docs(?), but i need an
exmple or something. what i want to do is use pix_write to do a little
documentation of a patch with some things moving around in it for an
upcoming demo. i can get pix_write to work on simple static patches, but
on others the .tifs are black. how to get it to happen last in the
rendering chain so all my objects will be written?

also, how do people turn this series of .tifs into, say, an .mpg or
.mov? i'm on linux usually, but can do nt if that's necessary.

thanks for help,

Bill Sack
wsack at acsu.buffalo.edu

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