[PD] MIDI PD Artificial Intelligence

Greg Rippin gmr222 at nyu.edu
Thu Mar 14 04:17:31 CET 2002


I have implemented a connectionist chord root identifier that could
easily be "time-smeared" to induce key.  It's not particularly portable
at the current time, however.  Robert Rowe has done things like this as
well, using both connectionist and rule-based approaches.  Check out his
"Machine Musicianship" book for lots of detailed info about different
approaches to this sort of thing.


Marcus Flanagan wrote:
> Well,
>    I'm trying to build a PD system that recognises the key that I'm playing
> in with my keyboard. I've looked at the arrays and textfile objects...but
> they seem hard to follow.
>   Can someone take the time to explain how I would get PD to read in a set
> of notes that are in a key(the 8 notes in the major scale for example)...and
> then I can check if the notes I'm playing correspond to the notes in the
> file read in...and hopefully then I can use some of the backing progressions
> that I have.
>    Thanks,
>        Marcus.
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