[PD] dll

João Miguel Pais jmmmp at netcabo.pt
Thu Mar 14 12:46:44 CET 2002

Dear list,

I'm trying to use some libraries in windows (xp), but the dll files are
missing, since usually the packages are prepared only for linux. The
libraries I am searching are (for now)
- zexy
- 3 obects that come with pd (foo1 & 2 and dspobj)
- ann
I would like to ask 2 things:

- does anybody know where to find the dlls for the previously mentioned
- is there a simple way (like a do-it-yourself-in-10-minutes course) for
non-programmers to build the dll files, so that it might not be necessary to
bother other people in the future? Now I would like to see just these
libraries, but if when someone needs one other and has to build the dll file
is good to know how to do it.
(I had already asked about his earlier, but didn't had the time until now to
go for it. But maybe for the sake of compatibility should the dll files come
with the libraries themselves? - or be available in the same place you can
get the library, if the files are too big)

Thank you as ever,

João Miguel Pais

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