[PD] Audiovisual Composition using PD and GEM

mick grierson michael.grierson at cwc.ac.uk
Sat Mar 16 14:17:04 CET 2002

Hi all.

On last thursday night ( 14th March 2002) I gave the first performance of my
Audiovisual composition 'REMOTE CONTROL' (1 hr) as part of the Kent
International Film Festival.

I used my prototype visual sampler and audiovisual synth. I used PD test 09,
as the patch i had created seemed break on test10 and 11 (GEM Related -
Win2K). I managed to get a pretty high res image (640x480), with sync sound
(no clicks) and complete control of the playback. Lots of scratching, real
time control, colour oscillations and rotations (based on John Whitneys
complimentarity ideas) with related audio treatments.  Some of the footage
was documentary, and i was able to edit it on the fly. Lots of Loop based
manipulations. Damn, I had a good time! I got a good reception, too.

I just wanted to thank Miller, Mark and everyone on the PD list for making
it possible, and i thought you'd be interested to know that PD was ultra
reliable and efficient. I was able to have total confidence in it.

I also wanted to tell nn that I FINALLY have NATO, and am pretty excited
about it, too.

Much respect and thanks to the whole scene.

Mick Grierson

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