[PD] - A click-track patch (my first contribution to the PD world via this list)

David Sabine dave at davesabine.com
Mon Mar 18 07:03:51 CET 2002

Attached is a simple patch.

Use it if you need to make a quick click track for a song, or a full set of


1. Input these arguments:
- Beats Per Minute
- Number of Bars
- How many beats in each bar

2. It outputs the following:
- MIDI click (converts BPM to milliseconds) on MIDI channel 10 using low and
high woodblock sound.
- Beat count
- Bar count
- Total Beats played
- End of tune.

Dave Sabine
dave at davesabine.com

p.s.: As stated above, it's a simple patch - but a utility I've needed for a
while, and perhaps a utility that somebody ELSE has needed too!

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