[PD] me too compiling help

Nick Fells nick at music.gla.ac.uk
Mon Mar 18 11:12:50 CET 2002

Dear Marius,

If it's any help, when I tried with VC, the whole front end business
kind of got in the way - I found it easier just to use nmake from the
command line, in the end.... 


sme wrote:
> hi
> spent the weekend by trying to find out by myself, how to compile externals
> for pd, searched also in the list and the externals-howto, but no chance,
> ... i did not use the VC++ before, so everything is new for me, still i
> would like go get this working. i have only a german version 5.0. when i try
> to (re-)compile the zexy-externals the compiler shows up a message. (invalid
> file or data medium full). my disk is not full, so something else must be
> wrong, any ideas? (yes i want to do this on w2000 and no, i do not have a
> newer version of VC++, only a free borland-compiler).
> c:\pd\bin\pd.lib : fatal error LNK1106: Ungueltige Datei oder Datentraeger
> voll: Positionieren auf 0x3c74acc3 nicht moeglich
> Fehler beim Ausführen von link.exe.
> zexy.dll - 1 Fehler, 0 Warnung(en)
> thanks,
> marius.

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