[PD] Windows compiling and cross platform buddies

mark mark at junklight.com
Mon Mar 18 11:31:01 CET 2002

It strikes me that whilst linux bods can jump right 
in with externals (ie. most linux people are used to 
building things before they are installed and also 
they have the compilers and things) the situation is 
very different for the average windows user. 

That is the main compiler people use is not free (VC6) 
- the free one (borland) is not compatible. Also windows 
people are not used to this compile thing and its now 
where near as easy to set up on windows even if 
you do have the tools. 

Got all that? ;-)

Therefore it might be nice to have a repository of compiled 
windows DLL's for people to access. It needn't be a big job 
- a page on the Wikki would work if we all agreed to 
maintain it properly. 

Releated to this is the idea of cross platform "buddies" - one 
or more Windows external developers could partner with 
one or more Linux external developers and help produce 
versions of each others library for the other platform. This 
would mean that for people like myself who don't have useful 
acess to a linux dev box (well one with a GUI anyway - I've 
got telnet access to our CVS box) producing linux versions 
of my work would be easier. In return I would help port 
other objects to windows (increasing the number of externals 
I have access to). 

Anyone have any thoughts on this? 


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