[PD] Arrays

Marcus Flanagan loveablemarcus at hotmail.com
Tue Mar 19 04:27:36 CET 2002



Ok, I can put info into an array, but how do I get it out and make it do 
something. If I put the 8 notes of a number of different scales into an 
array and want to retrieve them at different times..how do I do that?

E.G..sometimes I may want the minor scale...sometimes I may want the major 

I figured out how to read and write to files...but the arrays seem 
useless...is it possible to bang an array and connect it to something like 
the "noteout" object so that it plays it contents?


If I store values of chord notes in an array..how can I compare these values 
to the ones that are coming in from the "notein" object(using the "poly" 
object to get all notes from "notein").

I want to recognise chords input from the MIDI keyboard and get PD to play a 
little melody over them, somehow by using arrays. I've been looking at them 
all weekend and still I'm no closer to getting anywhere!

Somebody must understand me!

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