[PD] Arrays / chords

sme marius.schebella at chello.at
Tue Mar 19 11:16:10 CET 2002

i placed some patches on
which could help you.
one patch prints a list of all notes actually pressed in a poly-object.
the others search if three certain numbers (e.g. 3 midinotes of a chord) are
in that list.
(you will need all patches in this directory and open help-chordfinder.pd)

> 2)
> If I store values of chord notes in an array..how can I compare these
> to the ones that are coming in from the "notein" object(using the "poly"
> object to get all notes from "notein").
> I want to recognise chords input from the MIDI keyboard and get PD to play
> little melody over them, somehow by using arrays. I've been looking at
> all weekend and still I'm no closer to getting anywhere!
> Somebody must understand me!
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