[PD]: writesf~ implementation

Linium intent at club-internet.fr
Tue Mar 19 16:52:21 CET 2002

Just to say that i have something strange too with writesf~ theses days.
It cannot record again a file with the same "open foo.wav" message.
And yet the precedent recording is stopped.
I have to delete or change the name of the existant recording to be able to 
record again. I remember that before, I could redo a record with the same 
file name. The previous file was erased.

I use PD-0.34-4


> > I'm simply trying to create a wav file of a MIDI sequence (in this case,
> > my "click-track" patch that I submitted yesterday).  This patch WORKED
> > last night...but now it doesn't.  The only thing I've changed is - I've
> > added "send" and "receive" objects so that I could send the "open"
> > message to writesf~ from another location in the patch.
> >
> > In any case, it seems that writesf~ isn't writing a normal wav file. 
> > When I play back the file in another player, I'm warned that I don't have
> > the proper codec installed - but as I said...this worked last night.

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