[PD] program changes to vst~ plugins .

mark mark at junklight.com
Tue Mar 19 22:15:41 CET 2002

It should  all documented in the pdf manual: 

there are two different program change mechanisms and 
from what I can tell different synths respond differently: 

	program <value> 

does a VST program change - do "print -programs" to get 
the list of numbers. Names can't be used 'cos of spaces. 
IF that doesn't work then try 

	programchange <value> 

which does a MIDI program change. 

make sure you have the last release 'cos thats when this 
went in. 

Try vst~ with the xeq object - been playing with them 
both today - well cool.



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i am playing around with the vst~ object [which is great by the way !!]  ..
but i dont seem to know how to change the program number of a vst plugin
[like pro-52] with a message in pd .  would this be a system exclusive
message and therefore not implemented yet .?
i ask because i am tring to set up a patch that will set up the pro-52
plugin on load .  is there another way of accomplishing this that does not
involve the things mentioned above ?

joge .

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