[PD] pd crashed

stm_sq^n stm_sq^n at bleu255.com
Wed Mar 20 15:37:06 CET 2002

OM> I know this f.... behavoiuor of Win2k. It sooner or later happens to _nearly_
OM> _all_ programms, not just Pd!

i have pd running on win2k and XPpro and it's stable (normal crashes
but nothing too much annoying... windows way of life ;-b)
of course it helps a lot to always get the last service packs and
hotfixes up to date (and drivers.......).
for the other strange problems (on a US XP), the last pd test version available
have strange problems... the ctrl-return in comments are not saved and
remembered and some text box disappear sometimes (really i'm not
drunk, one fader and 3 message linked to it in a sub, all saved,
re-opened and two messages dispeared...)


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