[PD] kxProject ASIO drivers and PD-0.35-test16

joge . gboy at nycap.rr.com
Sun Mar 24 20:09:11 CET 2002

hi all ,

just letting people know that the lastest pd [0.35-test16] seems to work
with the SBLive! ASIO drivers put out by the excellent people at
kxproject.com .  there was one thing i had to do inorder to get it working
though ; that was give pd the "-r 48000" flag .  the kxproject drivers seems
to currently only support a 48000 hz sampling rate . the complete command
line i used was

"pd -r 48000 -asio"

i am using an orginal SBLive! [CT4620] [i think it should work with any
SBLive! card] and windows xp .  i have not played with this setup very much
yet , but i have had no issues so far .  if i come across any i'll post .

hope this helps some people .

joge .

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