[PD] stksitar~?

david casal D.Casal at uea.ac.uk
Mon Mar 25 14:55:25 CET 2002

Hi all,

After making  STK in /usr/local/stk, making stksitar~ in
/usr/local/lib/pd/externs etc., calling it from -path or -lib in my .pdrc
gives me:

tried /usr/local/lib/pd/externs/yves/stksitar~.pd_linux and succeeded
/usr/local/lib/pd/externs/yves/stksitar~.pd_linux: undefined symbol:

can't load library

Any clues? I can't even find __builtin_new anywhere in stksitar~.cc,
sitar.cc, or mstksitar~.cc...

david casal                   --0+
d.casal at uea.ac.uk             --9+
www.ariada.uea.ac.uk/~dcasal  --)+

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