[PD] multichannel on SBLive

bbn zgubidan_bbn at yahoo.com
Mon Mar 25 17:38:57 CET 2002

I read in a mail that was posted by Søren Bovbjerg in
january that it is possible get 4 outs from SBLive
card. So I got the drivers from
opensource.creative.com and did it.
No sucsess tough.. or mayB ???
I cant tell, I run PD with -outchannels 4 but still
the front ones appear in the rear, ... did all the
configuration with one of the emu tools and still the
same// do I need to have the -alsa option also??
Can U run MIDI with these drivers ??
I wonder if those drivers are OSS or ALSA or something
Questions, questions ...
Thanks in advance.

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