[PD] reannouncing jass

t.ralf ralf at t0.or.at
Tue Mar 26 21:10:48 CET 2002

CK wrote:
> please be my labrats, I would really like to get this at least to
> a beta stage ;)


no bug reports yet, but some feedback concerning usability:

currently switching patterns in the pattern control does not update the 
pattern view, unless you are in play mode. that's a bit disturbing 
concerning usability and feel, nevertheless, i usually play a pattern 
while editing so well, you could probably leave it this way - or 
probably add a button to immediatly switch to a selected pattern if 
that's possible...

a kind of similar thing can be experiencend while setting the patterns 
for a song. unfortunatly the pattern numbox does not automatically 
update with the song position numbox. is there a way to change this? 
since it would make song-editing slightly more comfortable.

anyway very very nice patch!
(but i already told you ;)

so far,


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