[PD] 2 Q's Vst~ - -asio

mark mark at junklight.com
Wed Mar 27 15:32:36 CET 2002

> then a little dialog box pops up telling me 'Sorry Flanger 
> requires Cubase5'
> which I have.

I asked about this on the VST mailing list and steinberg tech support 
replied - it turns out that those plugins that say "...requires Cubase 5" 
are NOT VST plugins at all. They are simply Cubase extensions. 

They use the VST interface but then they start making manufacturer 
specific calls (VST uses a call back method and opcodes). Try as I 
might I couldn't reverse engineer what was going on in a sensible 

Annoying really 'cos some of these "Extensions" do some useful things. 



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