[PD] motu828 * 2, asio

Joreg Diessl joreg at gmx.at
Thu Mar 28 21:14:39 CET 2002


thanks. but that didn't help.
hm. is it possible that pd-35/16 is somehow restricted to 8 channels
i/o? if so could someone compile a version for 16ch i/o?

i found out that i had to install cubase asio drivers of the motu828.
now pd finds an asio driver and runs, but only offers 2ch i/o. if i
specify to use more channels via -outchannels pd starts up and
immediately exits without any errors.

all this again happens on a w2k-pc.

is there anything i could try?

MK> i have one motu 828 and i was surprised to get a total of 6 analogue
MK> outs. dac~ 1 2 5 6 7 8 will get me 6 analog channels out. dac~ 3 4 "seem"
MK> to trigger my spdif's (say seems b/c only the spdif light indicator goes
MK> green when i feed a signal into it; no way to really test it). to get that
MK> set up, using the _stable_ version of pd, i had:
MK> pd -soundoutdev 1,3,4,5 -outchannels 8

MK> audio input device #1: 828 Analog 1-2
MK>                    #2: 828 SPDIF 1-2
MK>                    #3: 828 Analog 3-4
MK>                    #4: 828 Analog 5-6
MK>                    #5: 828 Analog 7-8
MK> audio output device :same thing

MK> so. . . just do that. you may lose 2 analog channels from what you already
MK> have, but you can get at least 500 bucks in return, :)

MK> kakakakakakrambone!!!
MK> -mark k.

MK> it may be possible to do some code tweaking and recompile using VC++ 6 but
MK> i'm not the one to know how to do that.

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