[PD] [announce] py 0.0.1 python script object / flext 0.2.1

Thomas Grill t.grill at gmx.net
Sat Mar 30 02:51:29 CET 2002

Hi all,
here is the first release of a simple python script object.

It does the following:
- you can load python scripts as modules and execute the functions therein
- different objects share modules, hence they should be able to cooperate
(not tested)
- the object has two inlets (one for the object control, one for arguments
to python) and one outlet for results from python
- it passes floats, symbols, lists, anythings to python as tuples and for
the results it processes python tuples, lists, floats, ints, strings.
- it should be good for list, string and number processing of any kind
- you can edit the scripts on-line and reload them anytime

Here are the caveats:
- the standard python distribution (2.2) does not provide a shared library,
hence the external will be statically linked. It contains the whole python
interpreter and is therefore extremely bloated. (You have to make your Linux
external yourself). I am very grateful for any hints how to dynamically link
to Python.
- with MaxMSP it doesn't work at all - it loads but Max dies with the first
call to the Python API.

Future directions:
- py will remain as a simple 1-in/1-out solution executing python functions
- pyext will orthogonally implement a real object-oriented pd/python
external with multiple inlets and outlets and method processing
- i will try to make both objects execute on their own thread (switchable),
and provide hookpoints for other PD externals to extend the python


I found a severe bug in flext, therefore i uploaded a new version (0.2.1).
The bug only affects implementations with more than one inlet processing
non-atomic messages - like the py external.

you'll find all the stuff at the usual place:


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