AW: [PD] [announce] probalizer : a brick for stochastic music

Damien HENRY damien_henry at
Sat Mar 30 22:32:19 CET 2002

> > i would have liked to use flext for this
> > but there doesn't seem to be any
> > graphic capabilities provided for now.
> > Q : is it planned to have this one day ??
> Hi Yves,
> i have yet to become more familiar with GUI objects in PD, but i know that
> graphics is totally different from MaxMSP (no TCL/TK there). I can't really
> imagine how a portable layer for graphics can look like.

As Seg ( is a Graphical server, it is not linked to the pd 
This mean that any software (Max for example) could use seg as a graphical 
server for his interface. 

I'll be happy if someone try to run seg with max... (it sould run strait)


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