[PD] pd for VJs

Andre Schmidt andre at vju.info
Mon Apr 1 00:09:20 CEST 2002

hi, its me again :)

now that i've experimented(a week) with pd+gem, i came aware of the flexibility&power of this system. so i started to plan an "visualicenzation" :) environment for VJs/visual artist using PD&Co

i'm not going to code(me no c++) any externs for pd, only using pd & externals making subpatches that could be used to build(modular) something that creates visuals... (what a weak explanation, but started planning this when i started to write this mail :)

i would also like 2 make a one.zip file (or even an installer) containing pd+gem+framestein+any other extern that i/we/you/them see useful... 
so my biggest question for now is how do you (coder of a external) think when i mix, del and repack your files in 1 zip/exe ???

of course codersName of pd, externals & patches will be written BIG !!!
(+ links to original homepages/files)

its NOT going to be something  commercial !!!
(but a kindof PD "for dumm VJs":)

its just that there are many VJs/VisualArtist that would love 2 use PD but wont come over the "coding" barrier... and i want to lighten that barrier because pd is THE "programming language" for me.

thnx 4 reading & any comments/questions are very welcome

i'm also making a "step by step" pd-faq 4 www.vjcentral.com
it will only contain info about install, run, usage and anything thats usefull for vjs&co
so any help regarding these would be nice (links, patches, info)

Rikkaus halvemmaksi! 

ps. momentarly theres only interest in win32 version (and i dont have a linux running:(
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