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Ricardo Climent R.Climent at Queens-Belfast.AC.UK
Mon Apr 1 08:23:58 CEST 2002

I would go for something cheap and clever which might be used in a dance piece 
as well as other environments:

i.e. http://www.maplin.co.uk/  go to 'components' and you'll find things like 
infrared sensors( Transmitter/Receiver), piezo transducers, reed/proximity 
switches, tilt switches (nice idea) and so on. From 0.46 pounds! (sterling)
Then if you are in Europe,(not your case I guess) you might order the doepfer's 
A192 16CVto midi.
Otherwise, I would go for the paia.com brain kit (continuous or on/off CV to 
midi) in rack. Cheaper than the F8 of midisolutions.

for the A192 you might also get radio-like controllers or magnetic-carbon from 
doepfer. Also you could buy a few Miniature Dual Gang components (fader like) 
to use it as a Peavey 1600 for hands interaction.
If you do not like electronics much, you might get a 'prefab' kit (a counting 
objects like) which could be useful.

Another nice option might be a wee-camera and cyclops~ ($100) or Gem stuff 
(GPL) but I have not tryed this. (Well Steim's bigEye, 0.55 etc are always 


Mensaje citado por: Bert Schiettecatte <bschiett at stanford.edu>:

> hi,
> does anyone here know of a dance platform or pad or other dance-related
> controller that would be relatively easy to hook up to PD or MAX/MSP? 
> Or would be relatively easy to develop software for (e.g. is accessible
> through a game controller API of the OS)?
> Thanks in advance,
> Bert.

Ricardo Climent
ASP database for composers.

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