[PD] GUI objects via flext

Yves Degoyon ydegoyon at free.fr
Mon Apr 1 20:14:48 CEST 2002


well, speaking of graphic library, tcl/tk fits perfectly
my needs and is also available for Linux,
Windows ans Mac OSX, so that's not the real
problem. Besides, libggi could also be a candidate ...;

The real problem is what embeddable graphic lib
can be supported by MAX.
i don't know much of MAX so i'd like
to know what graphic capabilities are
provided for MAX externals ???

Thanx for answering or pointing me to some documents.


>Hi Yves,
>i think flext should definitely provide a possibility for creating GUI
>I have not yet made a lengthy research on that issue but as Framestein seems
>to be able to steal a portion of a canvas for DirectX (and i'm sure that the
>same is possible in MaxMSP), why not give it a try and develop a portable
>interface for GUI stuff?
>It seems to me that wxWindows is the best choice for such a thing as it
>supports Windows, Linux and MacOS and provides a lot of features.
>Additionally it can also be steered from Python.
>Would anyone comment on that or recommend other libraries?
>I consider the planned multithreading ability of flext a prerequisite for
>that, so that the GUI generating code be separated from any DSP and message
>processing code.

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