AW: [PD] GUI objects via flext

Thomas Grill t.grill at
Mon Apr 1 20:31:12 CEST 2002

Hi Yves,
that _was_ a fast reply.

I'm no GUI expert at all, but as i understand it, Max provides a t_box
object which describes a portion of the patcher and provides some functions
to control it (resize, locking, etc.).
I guess that it is similar in pd, is it?
See the "Writing Max/MSP Externals.pdf" by David Zicarelli... should be
somewhere on the cycling74 website.

I think, the duty of flext would be just to provide that handle to the
object's box (along with some means to control it) and let the user use
whatever GUI generating interface he likes (if portable or not).


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> Betreff: Re: [PD] GUI objects via flext
> hi,
> well, speaking of graphic library, tcl/tk fits perfectly
> my needs and is also available for Linux,
> Windows ans Mac OSX, so that's not the real
> problem. Besides, libggi could also be a candidate ...;
> The real problem is what embeddable graphic lib
> can be supported by MAX.
> i don't know much of MAX so i'd like
> to know what graphic capabilities are
> provided for MAX externals ???
> Thanx for answering or pointing me to some documents.
> Yves/
> >Hi Yves,
> >i think flext should definitely provide a possibility for creating GUI
> >objects.
> >I have not yet made a lengthy research on that issue but as
> Framestein seems
> >to be able to steal a portion of a canvas for DirectX (and i'm
> sure that the
> >same is possible in MaxMSP), why not give it a try and develop a portable
> >interface for GUI stuff?
> >It seems to me that wxWindows is the best choice for such a thing as it
> >supports Windows, Linux and MacOS and provides a lot of features.
> >Additionally it can also be steered from Python.
> >Would anyone comment on that or recommend other libraries?
> >
> >I consider the planned multithreading ability of flext a prerequisite for
> >that, so that the GUI generating code be separated from any DSP
> and message
> >processing code.
> >
> >greetings,
> >Thomas
> >

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