[PD] fonts 4 pd (beta)

Miller Puckette mpuckett at man104-1.ucsd.edu
Wed Apr 3 05:53:39 CEST 2002

Hi all,

I think Pd should eventually have its own font.  I'm not sure how to do
this on non-windows platforms.  Perhaps it's good enough to do it on
windows alone...?  Also, I'd very much like not to have Pd installing
stuff in system directories.  I'm curious if it would work just to
install the font in Pd's "bin" directory for example.


On Tue, Apr 02, 2002 at 10:09:10AM +0200, Andre Schmidt wrote:
> to not get me wrong
> i'm NOT trying to push a font design that i like in pd !!!
> it's just that it would be nice if pd had its own font...
> !!! i would be happy to make what ever design !!!
> important would be only that it would look 100% the same on every machine (if possible)
> ...but with bitmap fonts it would be only a matter of screen resolution
> or are there some performance questions over bitmap fonts?
> or is it just me whos looking at too much "useless" details :)
> thnx
> -andre
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>   From: Andre Schmidt 
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>   Sent: Tuesday, April 02, 2002 7:46 AM
>   Subject: [PD] fonts 4 pd (beta)
>   ok, got my first font for pd beta-ready !
>   (means, all characters should be there and in their place:)
>   the font has (for beta testing) as internal name "courier". 
>   installing in windows:
>   1. close all programs that are using "courier" fonts
>   2. delete all installed "courier" fonts (ttf+fon) (dont forget to backup them first!!!)
>   3. copy the beta PD8x13BN.FON font file to ../windows/fonts
>   4. ready. all progs that use "courier" font should now use the new font
>   size compared with win2k initial Courier fonts (number 1 is the MAIN courier font in win2k) : http://www.vju-tv.net/sizes.gif (NORM means that i deletet all "bold" entries in pd.tk)
>   ...here you can see the alpha version in action : http://www.vju-tv.net/virgin.gif (notice the size of math symbols & numbers) (capitols converted to 1pix thick in beta version)
>   and ofcourse the font (only 8x13pix version, yet) : http://www.vju-tv.net/pd8x13bn.fon
>   and because its a bitmap font there should be no problems converting crossplatform...
>   any bugs, nags, comments, wishes... can be sent to huolong at vju.info
>   (i've tested the font only with screen res1024x768)
>   -andre
>   ps. please tell me what format you need, if FON doesnt work in your platform!

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