[PD] spatialization

francesco whalley nonsenso at planet.it
Wed Apr 3 06:48:35 CEST 2002


after having tried to manage a Darla with asio
in win 2k i finally decided to jump to linux.
in the next few days it's going to arrive me
an rme9652 audio board.
the project i'm working on:
an environment full of reflections (...a castle), 
visitors action will be "catched" through sensors: 
some will be recorded (audio),
some will generate midi messages...
things i'm (more or less) quite accostumed to...
but what i finally have to do is spatialization stuff.

could anyone please point me to some resources, 
hints, example patches, helps on the matter?
anything will be ok.
i'm a beginner but i'm studying hard


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