AW: py object, which python installation do you use?

Josh Steiner joschi at
Wed Apr 3 10:05:59 CEST 2002

hmm... maybe i had an old python or something, i just reinstalled it and
it works fine.   [py] is quite cool by the way, it motivated me to
actually start learning python :)

On Wed, 3 Apr 2002, Thomas Grill wrote:

> Hi Josh,
> > when i try under .35test16 iu get the same in the console, but also a
> > dialog that says it cannot find python22.dll in the path, well neither one
> > of my python distrubutions provide a python22.dll ... can you tell me
> > where you got your .dll as i'm very interested in using this external and
> > need to use both windows and linux versions,
> I'm using the python2.2 standard distribution from and in my
> case, i found the python22.dll in the \winnt\system32 directory. If you
> haven't got it, which would be the case if python was statically linked, you
> could rebuild it from the python source distribution.
> greetings,
> Thomas

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