[PD] windoze vs linux

Yves Degoyon ydegoyon at free.fr
Wed Apr 3 19:48:27 CEST 2002

  a little general question for change :)

  what are the "biggest" (performance) differences using PD on windoze or linux
  i'm (at the moment) mostly interest on audio analyzing and visual creating (GEM)

This depends a lot on the flavor of window$ you're running,
on 95/98/ME, i can tell it's a total mess because 
the scheduler is so unpredictable that PD 
can loose control at any moment.
  PD is coded on linux and then ported to win, right?

  i will be still using PD on windose because of framestein...

Communication between Framestein and PD is made thru a socket,
so you can control Framestein from another machine running
Linux. I will be better for the frame rate in Framestein too.

  btw. what are the minimum linux requirments for PD, thinking 4 (future) installations...
  (any1 making a PD "optimized" linux distribution :)

depends on the patches you're using. I ran very simple ones
on a P200. You can always make a patch that crashes any hardware.

  i'm installing redhat for starters, any know problems with PD+GEM ?

yes, graphic card, guys here may help, not me.

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