[PD] linux newbie

Andre Schmidt andre at vju.info
Wed Apr 3 23:09:43 CEST 2002


didn't think it would be so easy...
got redhat + pd installed and running


i opened 22.pulse.width.mod, i can hear the sound but when i press "bang"(to update the arrays) theres a ~10ms cap in the sound to hear. also when i change to other windows theres a cap(hole) in the sound !?
(but anything else seems to work)

maybe i did it the wrong way:
1. i unpacked pd-0.35-test16.tar.gz direct from konqueror to desktop
2. opened "/desktop/pd-0.35-test16/src" in shell/konsole and typed "make"
3. it printed a lot text for a while and stopped
4. went to "/desktop/pd-0.35-test16/bin" clicked "pd" and voila, runs

im using:
pentium2-350mhz, 128mb, soundblaster64(ISA), redhat7.2

btw. i cant see the "printout" window of PD ???

happy linux newbie :)
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