[PD] Pd 0.35 test 17 released...

Johannes Taelman johannes.taelman at rug.ac.be
Fri Apr 5 10:25:23 CEST 2002


From: "Joreg Diessl" <joreg at gmx.at>

> ah thanks. now i get all my 16 channels in and out.
> but. simply starting up pd with 16 i/o channels causes the
> system-process (see taskmanager in w2k) to take 40% cpu load.
> pd stays at around 2%.

> is that why i should use the asio drivers?


> i'd love to if they'D allow me to use more than 2 channels.
> is anybody using more than 2channels via asio on w2k?

Yes, I'm using 8 channels currently.
I changed (in s_portaudio.c)
    #define NCHANNELS 2
    #define NCHANNELS 8

and start pd with 

    pd -asio -inchannels 10 -outchannels 8

Yes, that's 2 input channels more than I want, but PD reports

] not using MIDI input (use 'pd -midiindev 1' to override)
] in 8 out 8 rate 96000
] using default device number: 1
] nchan 8, flags 3, bufs 8, framesperbuf 256

... 2 input channels less than requested.

Johannes Taelman

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