[PD] font beta2

Andre Schmidt andre at vju.info
Sun Apr 7 09:00:58 CEST 2002

made "smallest enjoyable&readable" font, 6x11pix...
(yeah, i could make it smaller when not separating capitals, and only using "m"&co as widest)
copy "piidii.fon" to "/windows/fonts/" and replace the pd.tk file  ("courier" changed to "piidii" and deleted all "bold" to get the real size)

btw. can i change the font for "graph" without recompiling ???
(see piidii.jpg, graph still using courier)

in action:
(for reference, m$ original courier, www.vju-tv.net/courier.jpg [patch=10pt])

the font:

modified pd.tk: (pd0.35-17)

grrrrrrrrrr, linux(redhat) is testing my nerves...
ps. should i use [announce] or should i stop posting these here?
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