[PD] (GEM) pix_movie & pix_add ?

Andre Schmidt andre at vju.info
Mon Apr 8 01:07:21 CEST 2002

Re: [PD] (GEM) pix_movie & pix_add ?s**t, in the docs, (spank me), thnx for still telling me what i've should found my self...

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  i found this in the docs:

  Can't process pix_movie data with pix objects
  POSTED 4/24/99
  BUG: pix_movie sends the data immediately to OpenGL, so there
                  is no chance to process the data.
  some geos don't render data from pix_movie correctly


    yep, me again :)

    i get "error: Gem: pix object cannot handle gray image" when sending pix_movie(s) to pix_add...
    (same error with pix_mask too)

    i'm using MJPEG coded videos (yes, they are in color. but i don't think this the problem)

    (win2k, pd0.35-17, gem 0.85)

    ps. maybe i should use pix_multiimage instead...

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