[PD] [GEM] multi-displays in win2k

electrobass at gmx.net electrobass at gmx.net
Mon Apr 8 11:49:10 CEST 2002

> - have unequal sized displays (the crt 1024x768 + tv 640x480).  
so far i know you can only do this with a matrox card under win2k. the
matrox card seems to provide a new displaydriver or patches the registry, i don`t
know. perhaps there is a way to do this manually.

> feature but there is still a sliver of it at the bottom of the 
> screen.  it's on both screens which is even more annoying.
if you get the unequal sized displays running this problem will be obsolete,
cause you can change the position of the second monitor/tv to a position
where the taskbar is not seen.



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