[PD] (GEM) 0.87 compiled?

ChaoShaman at aol.com ChaoShaman at aol.com
Tue Apr 9 04:49:19 CEST 2002

hello pd'rs.  i have no means of compiling, but have been strugling with the 
limits of pix_movie(and the grey/rgba error) too.  so if anyones compiled .87 
for windows(98), pls share a url.

also, i am getting an error upon pd startup. im away from my audiopc, but its 
something like MMSYSTEM002 out of range... wont let me use my Awe64 Midi 
Input.. maybe has to do with the builtin midicrap.   I'm working around 
through reaktor and hubi's loopback, but its really crude.  any ideas.

joe e

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