[PD] Fw: [microsound] max/msp windows october

Andrei Savitsky a.savitsky at hhtp.org
Tue Apr 9 14:24:21 CEST 2002

Hey people, i just forwarded that e-mail from microsound mailinglist. : )
This one was from Cray:

"undo"  on bip-hop_ Enhanced video CD -out now
"comment" 3"cd on fallt -now out
"untitled i/o" track on Strewth (Synaesthesia) compilation -March 2002
"seven satellite" track on Bip Hop 4 comp - out now
"erros$" track on VibraGun compilation - out now
"          " track on Motion Compilation - June 2002
"rooms" art installation with Marcus Struzina - July 2002
Tennis Remix - Hard Drive Mishap56 - Sept 2002 Bip Hop

btw: there is a pcfeedback at cycling74.com on cycling74 web site.

best regards,
Andrei Savitsky

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  Is there any chance of getting a beta version of this programme for testing purposes????
  Best wishes
  Michael Alcorn
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