[PD] get canvas information

Orm Finnendahl finnendahl at folkwang-hochschule.de
Tue Apr 9 19:49:32 CEST 2002

Am Dienstag, den 09. April 2002 um 15:47:30 Uhr (+0200) schrieb Michael Iber:
> Is there a way to define global variables (like a=1)?

Take a look at the maphash, mapwrite and mapread object
(icem-www.folkwang-hochschule.de/~finnendahl/pd.html), if the
variables have to be accessed by a symbol name or if you want to store
other things than simple floats. Otherwise you could use tables (Arrays).

Although the bindings are local to the specified hashtable/table, the
hashtable/table is global to pd and thus globally accessible.

> If yes: how can I do it

create an array from the menu (and give it a name) or create a maphash
object (giving the name of it as creation argument).

> and how can I access them?

write-access with tabwrite <array-name> or mapwrite <hashtablename>
read-access with tabread <array-name> or mapread <hashtablename>


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