[PD] 3 questions regarding PD

Ivica Bukvic ico at fuse.net
Tue Apr 9 20:16:52 CEST 2002

Hi all,

Just to say that I am greatly thankful for PD's existence. It is truly a
great app.

I have a couple of questions (or suggestions, depending how you perceive
them :-) though:

1) Will there [ever] be the patch implemented that will allow "elbows"
in connectors? I know that someone mentioned a while on the board they
had a patch for it, but am not sure where to get it and whether it works
with the latest version. How about permanently including it so that
people who want to use it can, and who don't can still do the stuff the
old-fashioned way (since its inclusion would not theoretically have to
nullify current way of connecting objects)?

2) Does anyone have a link to the compiled dll for the ggee externals? I
am having a terrible time trying to compile the source in XP?

3) What are the chances of incorporating all externals and stuff (i.e.
Framestein, Gem etc.) together with Pd into one simple installer, rather
than having to look for all of them all over the net?

4) How reliable is the ASIO support in WinXP with Pd 0.35.x? I read
something about only 2 channels being usable? Is this true? If so, is
there a workaround?

Ok, so I lied, I really had 4 questions ;-).

I would greatly appreciate any feedback I can get on these. Thanks!


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