[PD] 3 questions regarding PD

Andre Schmidt andre at vju.info
Wed Apr 10 08:47:30 CEST 2002

i'm working on a 1 file zip/installer of pd+gem+framestein+other usefull for
but i'm still waiting answers from the developers if i may do that...
i'm (because of size) NOT including the sources!

i got green light for framestein 2 do that...


ps. i'm making only a win32 version...

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Subject: [PD] 3 questions regarding PD

> Hi all,
> Just to say that I am greatly thankful for PD's existence. It is truly a
> great app.
> I have a couple of questions (or suggestions, depending how you perceive
> them :-) though:
> 1) Will there [ever] be the patch implemented that will allow "elbows"
> in connectors? I know that someone mentioned a while on the board they
> had a patch for it, but am not sure where to get it and whether it works
> with the latest version. How about permanently including it so that
> people who want to use it can, and who don't can still do the stuff the
> old-fashioned way (since its inclusion would not theoretically have to
> nullify current way of connecting objects)?
> 2) Does anyone have a link to the compiled dll for the ggee externals? I
> am having a terrible time trying to compile the source in XP?
> 3) What are the chances of incorporating all externals and stuff (i.e.
> Framestein, Gem etc.) together with Pd into one simple installer, rather
> than having to look for all of them all over the net?
> 4) How reliable is the ASIO support in WinXP with Pd 0.35.x? I read
> something about only 2 channels being usable? Is this true? If so, is
> there a workaround?
> Ok, so I lied, I really had 4 questions ;-).
> I would greatly appreciate any feedback I can get on these. Thanks!
> Ico

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