OSC (sendOSC, dumpOSC, OSCroute) ported to win32

Bob Falesch raf at interaccess.com
Thu Apr 11 04:28:42 CEST 2002

i need to correct myself: that p3 notebook is a 650MHz. i've done some
load testing (sending to the pd side from max) with simple loops and to

with a light pd, i see 40,000 bytes/sec with small packets and up to
127,000 bytes/sec with large packets. this is the maximum lossless
rate--there's a significant packet loss mode just above these rates. 

with a heavier pd doing something approximating useful work (no dsp
running, although i did start pd with two channels of sound out enabled)
i measure 20,000 bytes/sec as the cpu rises to 100%.

i'm expressing this in terms of databytes only (i haven't looked closely
enough at the protocol yet to understand what the overhead really is,
but the packet-size effects seem quite normal to me).

so the packet loss mode appears closely tied to cpu rather than tcp
bandwidth issues. when the cpu nears the limit, i'm seeing wish83.exe
using ~~49% of the cpu, and pd.exe the other 49%.

why does such a lame little patch put such a load on wish83? the only
graphic updates during these tests were two of the four number boxes
spinning away (the packet count displays).  could i be missing some kind
of optimization?
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Bob Falesch wrote:
> i've ported cxc's pd-fication of OSC to win-32. the dll is here:
> so far i've had success sending in both directions between these two
> systems:
>   -- g3 250 Mhz powerbook
>      macos 8.5.1
>      max 4.0.7
>      osc-for-max 2.4 (m.wright's current distro)
>   -- p3 850 Mhz notebook
>      win-2k
>      pd 0.34.4
> ...using a cheap, lightly loaded hub, and also directly with a
> cross-cable. i've tested it so far only with relatively low bandwidth
> control types of data, and probably won't get to anything real strenuous
> for a while, although i will soon cobble together some tight load-loops
> to determine at what point it might drop packets. if anyone has a
> stress-test patch i'd be grateful to try it out.
> i intend to test with pairs of win32 systems (i should say w2k+, as i've
> no plans to try w98/me etc), and also with linux, but that will not be
> soon.  i can put the source and the vc6.0 project files up there when i
> fold it more elegantly into the original source (2-3 days, i'd guess).
> if anyone is sufficiently reckless with free time to test this, i'd be
> happy to hear about your results. if on the other end you use the
> equivalent of wright's latest version (with time and type-tags), such as
> i did with the max version listed above, remember to put it in the
> reduced feature mode.  with that max version, you prime the
> [OpenSoundControl] with the message "writetypestrings 0"    ...you'll
> save some headscratching (i wasted a half-hour before waking up to that
> one). also, see OSCroute-help.pd, which teases with some parsing ideas
> that should result in elegant midi-fying and other nifty data-fying.
> if anyone wishes to try this with the peewee win-32s (98, etc) and it
> fails, i would definitely look into it (i still have access to a w98
> dual boot here).  if it fails i should think a fix would be trivial
> (famous last words...)
> cheers,
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