[PD] OSC Win32 type-tagged version

Bob Falesch raf at interaccess.com
Fri Apr 12 10:56:23 CEST 2002

i now have a win32 binary of the type-tagged version of the pd OSC

i ran new stress tests and this time noted the packet rate capability
with the graphically active patcher window closed (this took all load
off of wish83.exe). the difference is profoundly significant:

with spinning numberbox window open	-- 2180 packets/sec
					-- est. 127000 byte/sec
					-- cpu load 100%

with spinning numberbox window closed	-- 3800 packets/sec
					-- est. 220400 byte/sec
					-- cpu load 56%

so with that one pd window closed and not updating those number boxes,
my throughput is nearly doubled.  in that mode, network bandwidth is the
constraint, rather than system throughput (apparently-- as i'm running a
10 Mbps ethernet).

the source (and VC++6.0 project files) will be up there after i double
check the non-Win32 compile conditions (this new version is my attempt
to preserve the multi-platform-ness). 

  | b o b  f a l e s c h
  |  www.zeggz.com/raf/

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