[PD] map map map...

j_cj jdl at xdv.org
Fri Apr 12 14:54:41 CEST 2002

 |being constantly informed about (ignored) unmapping may get quite
 |annoying (esp. when in need to frequently switch between virtual
 |desktops).  I think either line 831 in u_main.tk (test17), reading
 |     bind $name.c <Unmap> {puts stderr map}
 |should be commented out, or replaced with something like
 |     bind $name.c <Unmap> {pdtk_canvas_map %W ""}
 |(I have not made any research, though, which way is better, and how
 |the replacement behaves outside of linux...:)

aaahh. ;)


 |btw, there is, at least in my setup, another hostile pd.tk line, 834:
 |     after 1 [concat raise $name]
 |but this one hurts (that is: takes ages to complete) only if running
 |Gnome... wonder if nobody runs Pd under Gnome?

i do run pd under gnome on one machine but i dont experience any "takes
ages to complete" ? when is it supposed to happen?
maybe now that i know something will take ages to complete ..

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