[PD] map map map...

Krzysztof Czaja czaja at chopin.edu.pl
Sat Apr 13 18:57:40 CEST 2002

hi Miller and all,

Miller Puckette wrote:
 > But I'm planning to try Krzyzstof's edition and see if that helps things
 > at all.  I don't remember why that "raise" thing is there in the first place!

first of all my blaming of gnome was wrong, because raising is a window
manager's job.  So it is clearly a problem with sawfish.  There are no
window-opening delays if gnome is placed on top of twm or fvwm2.

There is a delay somehow introduced by sawfish when a raising request
interrupts redrawing of a window contents.  So there is no visible
delay if the request itself is delayed more than by 1ms, i.e using
``after 100 [concat raise $name]'' or more (depending on how patch
is complex).

But anyway, I think this line is redundant, and commenting it out
is the very first thing I do after installing any new Pd version.

also, Miller Puckette wrote:
 > I've stopped using Gnome because, every time I open a new window in Pd,
 > Gnome frets for a second or 2 before showing it.  I recommend the much
 > faster and lighter "FVWM2" instead.

indeed, in my personal setup I am happy with plain fvwm2, without
gnome (using old good motif look and feel, btw :) -- fast, easy
to configure, has never let me down.

But I have to maintain a number of other setups used for assignments
by a dozen of Windows-addicted students.  And, believe me or not,
gnome is best suited for that job (although I would rather not use
gnome in a concert...)


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