[PD] accidental recogniser

Marcus Flanagan loveablemarcus at hotmail.com
Sun Apr 14 02:27:30 CEST 2002

>Hello everyone,
>   Attached is a patch of mine. It attempts to modulate when the 6th
>semitone above the root of a major scale is played(F sharp in the case of C
>major, C sharp in the case of G major).
>   I am trying to implement this so that it interates through the circle of
>fifths..and eventually back to C major...only problem is that I seem to 
>getting myself into infinite loops with the "selects" and "spigots" that I
>   Can anyone suggest of show an easier way of doing it? My aim is to be
>able to suggest backing key progressions depending on the melodies played 
>my MIDI keyboard.(i.e.. the computer puts an appropriate backing to my solo
>    Help appreciated,
>    Marcus.
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><< acc_rec3.pd >>
><< accidental_rec2.pd >>

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