[PD][announce] new objects: maxlib

Olaf Matthes olaf.matthes at gmx.de
Mon Apr 15 15:57:51 CEST 2002

Hi again,

I think we need some sort of libraries for special purposes. That's why I
just put the 'music analysis' objects into one library. I find it sometimes
very frustrating to search for (the existence of) a special object because
it could be in nearly any library.
I really like zexy, ggee, ext13 and the like but having libraries like, say,
'control', 'signal', 'network'... would make it much easier to find what one
is searching for. And in case one is doing mainly control stuff with midi
in/out, for example, it would be enough to use one single library.

The name 'maxlib' was not intended to say something like 'max clones
library' (but I prefer to stick to the Max 'originals', implementing their
names and behaviour to make it easier for people who use both Max and Pd).
It more or less happened by chance that most objects I needed were already
available in Max.
Anyway, I would be willing to contribute my objects to other libraries or
include objects into maxlib that 'fit into the concept'.


CK schrieb:

> I read:
> > I am sure there are more such clones somewhere on people's disks --
> I wrote a gate clone a while ago  -> http://test.pilot.fm/pd/externs/
> > maybe it is time to revive pd-lib?  Maybe under a new name and outside
> > of sourceforge?
> why not use the name and location ?
> > Just recently I have made comb~ and allpass~ clones needed for
> > flanging/phasing fx with sub-blocksize delays.  I coded them from
> > scratch, because the versions in pd-lib cannot be modulated.
> where ?
> > Btw, I store them, with some others, in a `cyclone' directory...:)
> ;)
> regards,
> x
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> chris at lo-res.org        Postmodernism is german romanticism with better
> http://pilot.fm/        special effects. (Jeff Keuss / via ctheory.com)

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