[PD] framestein/play selected area

Juha Vehviläinen jusukoti at kala.atp.fi
Tue Apr 16 11:30:09 CEST 2002


Fs obviously needs much better help-files.. :(

Connect fs.frame to fs.info and bang - you'll get the
width, height, framecount and framerate of the avi.

To play it backwards, send fs.frame "prev" instead of
"next". So, [numberbox]--[fps]--[prev(--[fs.frame].


> hi there!
> does anyone know how to determine the total number of frames in an .avi? i`m
> planning to write a patch that does only play a selected area of the video,
> so any additional ideas?
> and: is it possible to play a avi backwards? the fps object seems to ignore
> negative numbers...
> thanks in advance
> micha

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