[PD] (PD)Problem with PD on RH 7.2

Timothy Rolls trolls at binghamton.edu
Tue Apr 16 14:55:02 CEST 2002

    I seem to be having a problem getting PD to run on RH 7.2. I had it
working before, but I recently had to reinstall and since then whenever I
try to recompile any version of PD (.34-3 through most recent), it compiles
fine with no errors, but when I try to run it, none of the menus work. I
can't create a new window (with either Ctl N or in the menu) or open
existing files. Anyone have any ideas? My system is Celeron 800 with 320 MB,
nVidia Geforce 2, SB PCI 128, dual boot with Windows XP Home. Thanks in

Timothy Rolls
Timothy Rolls, D.M.A.
Lecturer - Music Technology/ Musicianship
Binghamton University
trolls at binghamton.edu

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